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This module accepts, as the first unnamed or positional parameter, a latitude and longitude string in the form returned by Wikidata or as plain-text. The lat/long is stripped of all but its numeric values which are then used in a call to Template:Coord for proper visual rendering and link to GeoHack.

Wikidata returns text strings in this form where the minute and second symbols are html numeric character references for single and double quotes:

47°34'12"N, 52°40'55"W
47°34'12"N, 52°40'55"W

The module will accept degree-minute-second (dms) plain-text strings in the form:

47°34'12"N, 52°40'55"W

where the minutes and seconds indicators are single and double quotes or single and double prime symbols (′, ″; U+2032, U+2033)

Latitude and longitude in decimal-degree format is also accepted:

53.67667°N 112.82861°W

Because Template:Coord supports a variety of coordinate and template parameters, this module accepts but does not act on these parameter except to pass them on in the call to Template:Coord. In the module {{#invoke:}}, coordinate parameters, if provided, must be the second unnamed or positional parameter. The template parameters are named so their order in the {{#invoke:}} is not important.

Usage[επεξεργασία κώδικα]

A typical template use where the latitude / longitude is drawn from Wikdata might look like this: