HH-43 Huskie: Διαφορά μεταξύ των αναθεωρήσεων

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*HH-43F, AF S/N 62-4513, on display at [[Castle Air Museum]], Atwater, California
*An HH-43 Huskie is on display at the [[Hill Aerospace Museum]] at [[Hill Air Force Base]] in [[Utah]].
*An HH-43 Huskie, AF S/N 62-4532, is on display at the [[Air Mobility Command]] Museum at [[Dover Air Force Base]], Delaware.
*An HH-43 Huskie is on display in the open at the Pakistan Air Force museum in Karachi, Pakistan.
*An airworthy HH-43B Huskie is on display at the [[Olympic Flight Museum]], Olympia, Washington.<ref>[http://www.olympicflightmuseum.com/collection-HH-43Huskie.php HH-43 Huskie - Olympic Flight Museum Collection, Olympia WA<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref>
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